presented by Theory-3 Media and Poorboyz Productions & DistributionSaturday, January 20, 2007For immediate release:PNW -Turn Left, Turn Right, Exit Here, Entering, Welcome to...change thesong, pass the chips, are we there yet? From the creators of[PHOTO]PLAY, we present to you…PNW... Through the creative vision ofTheory-3 Media, in association with Poorboyz Productions &Distribution we bring to you a 2 Disc, 2 version, high-definitionskiing documentary covering the uncontrolled locations and the endlesspossibilities held by the Pacific Northwest.PNW will not be just your typical rider segmented film, but rather aproduction documenting the travels and locations visited by focusing aunique group of athletes and an entire season on endless areas ofAlaska, British Columbia, and Washington. The film's layout will bebroken up into segments covering the intricate highway systems, withthe joint travels of a few select athletes and crew linking the areasof the PNW into a smooth flowing production. With lots of research,and the impulsive choices of athletes and crew, we expect the body ofthe film to be made up of random highway towns and certain specific,but also unplanned backcountry sledding/touring locales. The skiingwithin the film will cover all aspects of backcountry jumping, bigmountain skiing, urban/terrain park skiing, and the ideal combinationof all the above.?NOTE: We will also include 1-2 additional segments within the PNWdocumentary covering special event's, super park shoots, special tripsfrom outside of the Pacific North West. These segments will be tiedinto the film with a PNW hook to be used as a recess between othersegments for issues with weather, athlete schedules, etc within thePacific North West.In addition to the feature 'documentary', the PNW product will includea 2nd DVD focusing on a re-edited, rider segmented film, with newfootage from outside of the PNW, and a slightly more 'typical' layout.The riders will be giving his folder's worth of footage, and willchoose each specific shot for his ideal additional segment. It willalso include an athlete commentary covering who, what, when, where andwhy, that rider chose those shots for his specific segment. We hope toachieve two exciting films that can truly cover the dynamic that makesup the sport of skiing, the Northwest and everything the riders, andproduction crew put into their short run snow filled season.Check for week by week updates, and more information!