Words: Mathieu Richard

Photos: Ben McHugh (http://www.theairbag.ca)

On December 20th Mont Sutton, Quebec was the home of a skier-friendly event called the World Snowboarding Day. It was also home of what I now want for Christmas. Here’s a hint: it’s a big, black, soft airbag. Did you get it yet? That’s right, TheAirBag was in town for all riders to enjoy. It’s too bad it doesn’t fit under my Christmas tree, so I will have to settle for following it around as it tours Quebec.

Snowboarders and skiers showed up from near and far including the gang from 3Trio Productions who drove all the way from the West Island to be a part of this event. For six hours, everyone was all smiles as they hiked up to tuck up in the air and land on a nice soft cushion called the TheAirBag. Everyone was trying the bag out for size, from the six year old mini shred who backfliped the beast to your habitual park rat who found him/ herself more confident to try that trick which previously they were previously scared to. Believe me when I say that this bag will step your game up to a whole other level no matter what that level may be.

Not having to worry about injury or pain when messing up is the idea at the center of this invention and is what will give you the balls to go big. Everyone I had the chance to talk to told me that they either learned something new or felt their confidence had improved. I actually improved more in those six hours than during my whole season on jumps last year. Think about it, this could be your chance to try that cork 7 or flatspin 7 that you’re not too sure about, or just the simple 360 you want to get around for the first time.

...even the GT'ers got in on the action!

While at the event I had the chance to chat with the man behind TheAirBag, Ben McHugh, who hinted at even bigger projects in the making. He told me that he soon wants to have more of these bags to bring to events and private sessions, and talked about another big idea that is still in its infant stages so we’ll have to wait for more details.

In order to help support this very generous entrepreneur and make these projects possible, it’s important to show mountains that there is a demand for this and that we want more of these. The best way to do this is to show up at events and have fun; I promise you that you will.

So do you know feel miserable about not making it to this event at Sutton? Don’t feel too bad, there are therapies your sadness. The best of these therapies is MatRich’s doctor-approved technique of TheAirBag. To receive this treatment, just go to this website http://www.theairbag.ca and follow the wherabouts of the bag (and make sure to join the Facebook group) so that you can embark on your path to better mental health by trying it yourself.