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Crazy Fool

Oct 26 2006

6:12:13 today i was coming home from school (not close to my town) and passed through this small spot  where drug dealing is basiclly legal, as long as nothing big happens the police dont bother them. Found a $20 in my bag i forgot about, so i was like word i bet i can get at least some tree for this weekend on the beach. I come up on their block in my white boy clothes u know like polo, jeans, lambsfleese denim jacket   which was my first mistake (should of worn xxl hoodie and sweats)  Theres a bunch of huge black dudes  just standing on the block hustlin trees pretty obviously, so i just walk up and within 5 seconds this guy who looks like biggie smalls  comes up to me hes like   u lookin for bud, im like word! so then we go for a walk... up into this non-sketchy urban mall. We talked on the way there he seemed pretty chill guy, we talked about differnt strains and our favorite blunts and all that,  so i was feeling more trusting than i usually am. I pass him the bills, hes like ok i have to go into this shop in the back to reup yo, so im like ok ill just chill right here.  I slip  into this headshop for a minute to check out pieces, then come out  and dont see him anywhere. Waited for about 10 mins started to get worried. 15 mins im like what the fuck i just got robbed so im like whatuv it was only 20 bills. If i had rocked xxl bape hoodie and sweats today  he probably wouldnt of tried to take advantage like that. telling i was brookline probably wasnt the best either...

but i was still pissed cause i wanted to have a bag for florida , so i got out searching for the streets and back to the block where i met him. Right away these other nigs come up to me with their hoes , theyr like 'sup bo y u lookin for  som to tree yo ' im like well i was... but one of hte dudes  here just fucking robbed me. Hes like yo what did he look like. So i described him and he said somthing almost exactly like "FUCK DATS FUCKING PJAL YO  IM BOUT TO FUCK DAT NIGGA UP TONIGHT FUCKIN CLAP THAT NIGGA  IN THE DOME YO,  WILLY, THEIR CREW CANT B ROBBIN OUR CUSTOMERS LIKE DIS YO FUCK THIS SHIT BEEN HAPEN TOO MUCH  WE GONA TAKE ACTION TONIGHT YO. " 

i was like oh....damn    aight  well  shit sounds pretty beat  but  good luck, ill grab a bag from you tomorow  if im around, peace   "peace shawty"

so im 'shawty' now? oh well  sounds like someones getting fucked up tonight

then on the bus back im the only white kid  so i get up to leave at my stop and this black chick grabs my ass  then another one  by the time i get to the door  i was laughing so hard