Start FragmentThe sun finally came, After a week of skiing in the clouds and a night of binge drinking the sun finally cleared. The first day included a drive up to Alta at 5:30 to beat the closing of Little Cottonwood road. We the hung out for interlodge before we started the day. Once we reached our spot Kyler Cooley, Dylan Natale, and Mark Dvorak began sessioning a large step down in a not so remote BC area and a cliff dropplatform feature. After several shots were had we retired with plans to hit a jump that was built a week ago. The early morning brought some anxiety knowing that our jump was hopefully left alone the day before. We rounded the corner in our sleds and saw a perfectly fresh landing, we knew it was on. Another long day of jumping led to one of the most productive, fundays this season. The next few days brought more sun and productivity, leaving everyone a bit sore but definitely satisfied. With the US open quickly approaching we send the best of luck to all competitors. Stay tuned for more updates.

Peace,Rage CrewEndFragment