This Blog is really to project the happenings and riders of Europe to America because the Europeans (excluding the skiers in Norway,Sweden and Finnland) do not get nearly enough credit and nobody seems to know how sick skiing europe really is. But of course, i will start by introducing myself.

I am Cory (Cor.e) and i am 18 years old. I was recently set up with Line skis and live in Germany. On August 24th, I set out on a journey. A journey that would lead me to places i thought i would never ski. A journey that involved a number of people from a hand full of countries, as well as a suprising run in with a friend from home (Nico Z). This journey, though it is about to come to an end, was not at all what i expected my relaxing get away to America to at all be like.

It all started with a season ending knee blow out last year. I was told by three doctors that i would never ski again. ACL,MLC,Lateral and Medial Meniscus,Patella(slide out), Patella Tendon, and Femural Cartlidge. This is the perfect mix for a carrer ending knee surgery. After recieving negative response after negative repsonse from each doctor, i finally found a doctor willing to fix me. Doctor Karl Flock. The best in the game. He fixed me up and told me i wouldnt be skiing untill late December if not January. I was back in November jumping the park in Breckenridge. Though i still have pain when i do ski, i can ski.

I On my first day went to Copper Mountain. This was my first time ever skiing in America, and my first day back. Afraid i would not be able to go down the hill because of my knee injury, i proceeded to the ski lift.To my suprise, by the end of the day i was tail pressing the boxes and bouncing around on the hill like the easter bunny would if he found out how many eggs were being cracked on park rails daily. There are few pictures from the day because our photographer, beloved hendrik, left the camera in the car. I must confess i love Copper Mountain, I have never skied anywhere like it in Europe. Needless to say, i have fallen in love with American skiing and would love to stay, but im going back to Europe on the 23th of December. From Europe i will broadcast to you, America, who to look out for, where the best places in europe are to ski,top parks, and give interviews with riders. Can you dig? Give me feedback.


The gear:

On site Gnar master:

The two shooters:

The ride home:

Yes, this is a short recap of the day, but only because i introduced myself, prepare yourself for the Echo Mountain Park recap. It will come soon.

Random Fact: In Germany and Austria, there is no "out of bounds" and having your pass taken away for going off the trail is unheard of. But, the catch is, if you and your buddy are in an avalanche and he dies, you are charged with manslaughter. Bet ya didnt know that!