So, for those of you who think the season is just ending, you must just not want to ski bad enough! There is plenty of skiing to be had all over, but we'll get to that in a second...

First comes a summary of some European exploits with my friend Alex Applegate.

We got done skiing in Switzerland and decided to backpack around Switzerland, Italy, and France for a week. Now, I know what you are thinking, "How much could they possibly see in a week?". Well when you walk 20-30 miles a day, don't sleep, and make every second count, you can experience quite a bit.

I was robbed not once, but twice. We sang karaoke at 5:30 am in Paris, snuck into the park of the leaning tower of Pisa and slept at the base of the tower, sold trinkets to tourists for a hefty profit, pedaled bikes around Zurich, flirted with cute girls in Florence in broken piss poor Italian, snuck onto the ferries in Venice, bribed train officials for dirt cheap rides, went cliff diving into the Mediterranean, hiked the costal farmland of Cinque Terra, rode mopeds around Rome for 18 hours straight, gaped at gapers at the Vatican, fished for Euros in the river in Verona, and even went on a date in China Town with a cute girl in Milan.

And yes, this (and a lot more) was all inside of a week. Here are a few pics...

A beautiful ceiling in Florence

Taking pics at 60 km/hr in Rome

Sun set in Rome

Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Our view of the tower before sleeping in a bush a few feet to the left

I am one with all animals

One of the hundreds of river ways in venice

Alex doing his usual creative stunts for my entertainment

Alex cliff diving in Vernazza, on the Italian coast

After getting back from Europe, I skied some park, and caught the last weekend of Keystone

Then with most of the resorts closed, it was time for some BC. No shortage of snow in Colorado!

Might as well hit up some urban fun as well

Then it was off to a few Rage park shoots, one in WA at Steven's Pass and one at Squaw Valley CA.

Mike Mertion shows off one of his many, sick grabs

Mike Wilson does misty five hand plants like its his job, oh wait it is

After some skiing in Mammoth for the past 5 days, its back to Colorado where there is still plenty of skiing to be had at A-Basin as well as in the back county!

Next stop, Madison Wisconsin to work on some Liberty ski graphics and then off to Whistler for some summer shredding!

Hope to see you all on the slopes!