According to some takes up a collection the company and the middle organization introduced that in WoW Power Leveling plays the gold coin transaction to have the obvious drop, the generation practices business to stop basically. The storm announced that the Chinese power of attorney will shift for the net is easy, but the transition plan and so on had not determined. Some take up a collection the company to indicate that after news announcement's that evening, the WoW Powerleveling business volume drops, the scope probably has about 10%. Regarding this, takes up a collection the organization the manner also to differ from. Some organizations thought that the present scope was still normal, but also has the organization to the prospect to express that thought pessimistically the gold price drops continually avoids with difficulty. in addition, some trade the platform also to express the existence volume of trade drops the situation . immediate transaction platform person concerned indicated that the World of Warcraft Powerlevel business volume spreads after March trades the proxy to the present has been dropping, so far, compares in January drops 50%, this platform's generation practices business 1 not to have until now from March. But pieces refuse to disclose the data. Plays the family according to some to introduce that on 16th in evening evil spirit beastly world.