I feel almost guilty starting a blog... whether my guilt is for finally falling in step with millions of other bloggers out there, or for taking this long to finally start one, I guess the point is mute. I've been following multiple writers for a few months when I'm bored at work (which is often) and feel enlightened while reading what others have to say. Most of the time feeling that I would love for my opinion to be heard, hence forth the start of my blog.

I live in a place that's much different from most other places in the world. Our winters are beyond snowy, it snowed upwards of 500 inches (that's over 41 feet) in 125 days during this last year. The summers are filled with lazy tubing trips down the Yampa river, mountain biking, drinking by the river, hiking, camping, and so much more all in around 85 degree weather. A place where people vacation, outdoor activities are common place, the beer flows, good times are mandatory, and the word 'serious' is as foreign as a department store. Steamboat Springs Colorado is the place I speak of, where our main stores are: City Market, Safeway, Wal-Mart, and the liquor store. Anything else that you need is acquired through the great world of online shopping.

Our community is like none other I've ever seen or experienced, driving through our town of around 10,000 people, you often recognize most cars on the road along with the operators inside. Stores literally close on powder days, simply hanging a sign that often reads: "gone skiing, be back later", or simply just lock the door without warning (this happens more in the summer). Schools host classes mostly in the mornings so that student athletes have the opportunity to ski each afternoon. Our community college, Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is often referred to as: See Me Ski. Where being 'dressed up' to go out on the town is considered NOT wearing a beanie or hoodie. A calling card for being a local is joining the DUI club (thankfully I am not part of this), but our sheriff is!!! We've hosted the Olympics here, along with sent the most winter athletes to the Olympics. I could go on and on about all of the things that make this place great... but I'm sure you get the idea.

Where my future posts will take me, time will tell. All comments, praise (haha), and criticism will be greatly appreciated. As for now, its time to get back to work as you probably should also!