Last week, the conditions were right for a full moon tour. Every month during the winter when the moon is big, it's always a great idea to go for a little backcountry ski at night. Most of the time its snowing during the winter, but this year we've had more high pressure in Utah than I hope to ever see again. So we had epic conditions for full moon skiing, I'll take that for once...

^We hung out on a ridge top for the sunset, and then dropped in for big run at twilight.

^with the avalanche conditions as tricky as they are right now, we are not riding anything extreme. This, for a few thousand feet is about as good as it gets right now. We dropped in under the glow of the twilight blue hour, and by the time we reached the car the moon was out at 90%.

^the following night, under strong high pressure and a nearly full moon at 98%, we had an incredible hike into the alpine. It was so bright, headlamps were not needed, and one of the only times they were used was to make this photo.