Adapted from the novel Tolkien epic fantasy masterpiece by the well-known online game developer in North America turbine (Turbine) Producers and Distributors of the "Lord of the Rings OL" recently announced that it will release the latest information Lord of The Rings Online Powerleveling during the year the film "Siege Kirkwood" (temporary translation, Siege of Kirkwood).

Expansion includes upgrading to the 65 level cap, a large number of job tasks and legend-level exclusive props been added. At the same time, the game's main line will continue to start, players who buy Lord of The Rings Online Powerlevel will be able to copy the new team and the adventure started Raid underground city.

In the Misty Mountains east of Kirkwood is a huge forest. In JRR Tolkien "Ring in" the main battlefield as they are not described in the coverage was not so much but If you have read associated with the novel "The Hobbit" and everybody should know that Bilbo and the 13 dwarves adventures here. Just like LOTRO Leveling, there is no way to explain. From the northern part of Kirkwood Tranquil Leola's father, led by Sylvan Elves rule the periphery of the forest inhabited long Town, valleys, towns and Dwarf areas under the jurisdiction of Goshen. Kirkwood in the south is full of evil, where trees staggered, spiders run rampant. Forest west Graton plain, Isidor Orc duo had been ambushed here will be lost in the Benguela Don Lord of the Rings.

The game in the country by the CDC agent, is currently in does not delete files in Neice.