It was opening day at Whistler, we awoke at 6am in hopes that we'd get a decent spot in lift lines. That was useless because the bus didn't pick us up until 7, everyone was very ancy that morning like a bunch of little school girls waiting for justin timberlake to come on stage. We stood in line at 7:15 and were in the top 200 which was, satisfactory. They scanned my ticket and at this point I knew it was time, everyone looked at me like 'your next dude' and I stepped on that gondola and took it up.    It was a good day, a good day until I tried a switch double cork 1260 onto a triple kink rail and then realized, you can't land switch on a rail. I hurt my knee, I hurt it real bad. So I screamed and some words came out of my mouth that should not be repeated, especially on moodle. I took a couple more runs and decided that, that was it for me for the day, and I went back to my friends room in staff housing at 1pm.

    Now the thing about staff housing, is it's dirty and it stinks and there is nothing to do. I sat on the couch that was probably infested with some kind of sexual transmitted disease and contemplated if I should head on back out and tough this one out like the soldier I am. But since I'm not actually a soldier nor tough I plugged in guitar hero. I had only played this game a couple times before, so I began on beginner. After I mastered that in 10 minutes I put on medium. I played guitar hero for a good 4 hours straight reeking of the tiger balm I rubbed on my knee until people started coming in from skiing/snowboarding.

     Kevin Wannemaker was like 'super duper guitar hero is on duuude' or something like that. So we played for another 3 hours or so, getting up to expert. By this time I could play the song woman without looking at the screen and without the game even on. That virtual crowd cheered the loudest I've ever heard them cheer and by the time I put that guitar down I felt like a real rockstar because whenever I looked at the walls they would move up and down like I was on acid. Yes, that game does cause visual distortion, but it makes you feel like jimi hendrix.

    When I stopped playing my knee felt much better, and I was able to ski the next day and redeemed myself on the rail feature that owned me like a noob, but one thought remained in my mind... could guitar hero be medicinal?