Well, today marked the day where i will try to never, ever, rent ski equipement again, lest it be poles.

I show up at Väsjöbacken at 9 15, a whole hour and 45 minutes pre-opening. Luckily, it is a beautiful day and the snow is great. That's just about all that goes well for me today.

So i get a call that my friends won't be there until 1. Great. That leaves me to ski on my own for 2 hours. So i go and rent my ski equipement. Once again, i need to get the feel for a completly different pair of boots. i try them on, and they're way too loose, even ont he max. So i ask for another pair, the only other they have, seeing as it's the end of the season, in a size i can wear. They're a bit too small. Ill be getting blisters. Yay, i think.

Then i ask for some skis. All they have twintip wise are some mojo 70s 163s, center mounted, or 7 yeard old head air skis, with bairly a twin tip, and mounted wayyyyy back. Oh, and they're something like 75 65 80, at best...

I go for the mojos, i trust them more. How i was wrong. Those things were the equivalent of snowblades. I tried the small jump, and barely made it, they're so wobbly.

So i head back inside and grab the older skis. I try them out, and i just can't get used to them. They're too thin. Way to thin. And given the mounting point being way, way back, i had little to no stability. I point it on the big jump, over jump it and barely make it. You need tails on skis... Then i try again, less speed but i pop more. Due to the lack of tail, i clear the entire landing to my back... After a bunch of flailing in the air, i was like: "Dude, this will hurt, stop flailing, it'll be better". I Flat out land on my back, hit my head and lose both skis. Thank goodness for helmets and back protection. After a bunch of graoning, i get up, and try it again, making it, but with no grab, no nothing. This reeks.

I head isnide, to basically wallow in self pity. It's the last day of the season, and i won't be able to accomplish anything. yay. The ski dudes at väsjö see im mad, and they start talking to themselves. At that point, Axel and his friend Jens showed up. Finally, someone. We ski around, and then im like: im going for the three over the small jump.

But as i get clsoe to it, i remember the back seat,a nd shy away. I can't believe it. I don't trust my skis to be there on the landing. I storm off inside to have a bit of food. When im done, a super chill dude asks me if i want to try his skis. At first i accept, then im like, mayeb i don't want to break his skis. He says it's cool, theres no way i can break them. Sure enough, he has mojo 90s from next year, 186.

So now i ahve to get used to these skis! They are awesome, but too big for me to launch anything right away. Silly me, cos' i launched stuff right away.

So without really getting a feel for them, i try a three. I clip off the lip, and over rotate, but without much if any pain. So i head back up, and try again. this time it's bad. I fall straight to my hip, twist my ankle really, really badly, and hurt my elbow. That's it. End of season, right there.

Moral of the story? It's good to have your own equipement. You know how it skis, you know what you like, and it likes you.

Anyways, i kinda managed to get some pics from it, so voilà!

The acronym to describe the day i had.

It's a beautiful daaaay.

best pic of the day

fasha and me

nicole sequence

jens sequence

jens sequence

There we go. No pics of me, cos i twisted my ankle exactly 30 minutes afetr everyone got there! yay!

peace dudes. maybe next year...