Aight so a little about me would be first buisness. My name is Shawn, I'm 19 years old and I was born and raised in Whistler BC. I've been skiing since I was 2 but only got into park skiing over the last 2 years before that it was racing and big mountain skiing. I moved away for 4 months going to college and realized how much skiing meant to me. going ape in the city knowing theres snow that i wasnt skiing on so i said to hell with school i moved back home and now im living the dream. i live with 2 other guys dylan is 18 and is an east coast border and the other is ian whos 20 and a skier from victoria our whole reason to live is the snow...everyday we wake up praying for some snow...but to this day no luck.

So I started this blog just for some way to share my season and i was munchin on some mike and ikes and decided to start one up. not much to say in the first instalment seeing as how the snow is still stuck on the other side of our amazing mountains. So our amzing loft and a living room is in creekside...i say loft and living room because that essencially is the entirety of the house. Ski/Snowboard gear is scattered everywhere and its not even snowing out...we just look at it praying to use it soon. I'm workin at Helly Hansen to pay the bills and damn they hook a brotha up :P amazing suit for the season!! cant wait.

Our days consist of way too much "good vibes", video games, tv and trips to the husky next door for some munchies. Dylan just got here 5 days ago and is just lovin BC like crazy. the sentance "I wanna go ride" is said upwords of 10 times a day...if you hadn't noticed we all really want snow.

Got a Emv party at Buffalo Bill's tomorrow night so I better get some sleep

peace all

Shawn C