So on the last day of the ski season in Montana, (from left to right)  Matt, Brent, myself, and Mito went up to the employee ski day at the  Yellowstone Club. For those of you that dont know, the Yellowstone  Club is a private ski resort in Montana. You can see it from the south face of Lone Peak, which is the mountain Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin are both on. The YC is like any other country club, really.  Except that they do everything bigger. This place is for the cream of the cream of the crop of rich folk. Being a member requires that you own property and a house on it which is multiple millions of dollars and then pay a yearly membership fee of, I kid you not, $125,000. Two of my buddies worked at the YC this year and I was luck enough to be invited as a guest. We spent the day tearing up the place. Here's some pictures of our escapade.