So alas, I sit here in my ski pants waiting to drop my check off at the Von's and typing on here. The inspiration for this post is the fact that I walked into my bathroom and it smelled like garlic. Seriously, it did. I don't really understand why considering my roommate left yesterday for the PB & Rail Jam, and I haven't actually used the bathroom since she left, but oddly enough, garlic. At least I know there will be no vampires attacking me while I shower any time soon.Aside from this I am about to go skiing for a few hours. It is around 30 degrees totally sunny and no wind. I can't complain. Given I do have to go into work at 4, but I think I will make it. 5 hour shifts aren't so bad when you get to walk around in a Dora the Explorer helmet and talk to people about Skiing. Should be good times, just like every other day at work.I'll probably have to come back and edit this when I am done skiing on account that I plan to spend the entire day hiking boxes till I get it down. There may be pictures involved. This is a pre-ski posting afterall.