Not everyone who skis park is blessed with the finely groomed parks that you can find at places like Keystone, Breck, or Park City. Some of us have to deal with the saddest excuses for terrain parks this world has seen.

Andes Tower Hill, MN

"We're skiing in a third world country" isn't exactly what you want to tell people about your park setup but Andes Tower lives up to that description. Some of the jankiest feature set ups I've ever seen and a chairlift that isn't something you probably want to ride very long. NS member DungeonMaster did an interview with local Ryan Thoreson about Andes Tower that you should definitely read.

Gore Mountain, NY

"I feel like if they built good shit, the world would fall over." Another great member quote, but not quite what you want the reputation of your park to be. This monsrosity features "jumps" pushed by ski instructors & the sketchiest donkey dick rail setup I've seen in a while.

"I went a few years ago for a day. EVERY feature in the park had a ridiculously huge gap on. I had a picture on here somewhere of the A-frame. It's a 22' foot A-frame set maybe 1' and change at the highest point, so the front end is very low with a 10' ish gap on the front. Think about that. A low takeoff, a low rail, and a gap the size of the first rail section on an UP. That's fucking madness." Sounds like a fun park, keep it up Gore!

Have a shitty park near you and want it to be featured? Drop a comment with why it deserves to be in the next instalment.