Greetings NSers! I know this entry was promised Sunday night but since then I've been bombarded with all kinds of work*.*Note* Ebay can be a bitch sometimes. Without further delay, here's a recap of the weekend! Friday night started out with an unplanned group trip to Titus. Titus is a small mountain nestled between the middle of nowhere and most likely a mill. I'm not hating, just stating the geographical facts. While it may be a small mountain, Titus is a fun place to make a few turns and have a drink or two in their bar/lounge/day care center. This particular trip was exciting because it gave me the opportunity to ski in a large group of friends; something I haven't done for at least 3-4 years. While skiing through their park, I ran into three young rippers holding it down for the twin tip movement (what a bad sentence). I introduced myself and we skied through the park a few times. Let me tell you for the limited terrain Titus has to offer, these kids make it happen. They even enjoy stealing a buck or two from their friend participating in that night's Reality Check events. For those playing at home, Reality Check is an anti smoking group. Local Titus skiers claiming it hard! Sam Adams - a delicious beverage during an anti smoking rallyAfter a few turns at Titus, I left my friends and headed East towards Jay Peak to meet with Liberty Canada rep Steve Gendron. Steve is a great guy and was nice enough to offer me a place to crash at Jay. Thanks Steve! After a few beers and Steve showing me next year's Liberty gear, I turned in for the night, and woke up to Jay's always impressive amount of snow outside my window.That day at Jay was special as it was the 2008 Jay Peak Big Air sponsored by Liberty and Burton. Yours truly did the MCing. The park crew worked hard to secure a decent jump for the event and skiers and riders were going off! For those of you that ski or ride Jay, you understand the park is always the last place to find people but today was different as conditions in the trees weren't great due to warm days and colder nights. Here's a few pictures I thought were pretty funny from the Big Air.As you can see equipment played a major role in choosing the winners. However, skiers were throwing down with the guys over at Jay Peak video filming a tandem switch backflip/straight back flip train. Check their site too. They're some good people and ski hard. As much as I wanted to stay for the awards, my attention was pulled to Burlington for the Magic Hat Mardi Gras festival. On my way to Burlington looking like a dorkWhen I arrived in Burlington, I met up with my old friend Katie who, along with her friends from St Michael's College, was rocking the night away. Our first order of business (after Katie's hugs; which she's famous for) was for me to play catch up. These guys had battled through the morning's parade and were still going strong! Our first bar, JP's, was filled with beaded clad Burlington folks drinking and enjoying the celebration. While we were there we drank, caught up, played some serious foosball (Katie and I won), and witnessed a couple make out for at least 11 straight minutes.This is Katie. She loves the color green.Katie and James with the "maker outers"In keeping the night alive (I'm pretty sure it was only 7 PM) our tenacious and slightly intoxicated crew stumbled our way down Church Street to the Ri Ra where I can honestly say I had one of the better times ever had in a bar, anywhere (Well, pretty close). At the Ri Ra, beads were given out, dancing (on bar stools and tables) was done, Guinness was slayed, and good times were had. We even tagged the bar. James and Katie claiming NS hard. Thanks guys!Party in the pubAfter the Ri Ra, some of our group decided to head home and sleep off nearly eight hours of drinking. I, being behind a few beers, decided to venture out into the night with my good friend Kellen from home. Kellen is the man and if any of you out there know him, you know he's the man. Guy knows how to have fun. We kept the night alive, stumbled from bar to bar, enjoying what Burlington had to offer. Eventually we payed one of Kellen's friends in Bud Light to take us home. Gotta love a good college town. Hazily I stumbled into Kellen's apartment, crashed on the couch, and awoke the next morning to a slight hangover and a three hour drive home. What a weekend!Special thanks to Steve, Jay Peak, Kellen, Katie, and all the fun people I met at St Mike's and UVM. See you next year!And of course, here's the list:Official "I'm Going To Ski Once a Week Until Snow is Gone" List:Week 1 - Mt. St Bruno D-Jam - notable tricks - switch shifty 180 to deathWeek 2 - Clarkson University - notable tricks - Mute grab to death over sidewalkWeek 3 - West Mountain - notable tricks - 360 Liu Kang (Jibij contest would be proud!)Week 4 - Titus Mountain/Jay Peak - notable trick - switch 180 opposite mute - Titus/following the Jay Peak video guys on icy terrain