Cover Photo: Stefan Mahlknecht

After a week-long hiatus, The Weakend is back in business with the best of what skiing has had to offer this week. The SLVSH Cup Grandvalira is nearly over for 2017, with just the final remaining (on Tuesday). It's an epic end to an unpredictable tournament so make sure you check that out the second it drops. In other video format competition news, the 10 finalists from Quicksilver Young Guns dropped a couple of weeks ago and voting is now closed. I have no idea who won and, like in SuperUnknown, everyone killed it. But for me it has to be Parkin Costain, who fucking sent it and is surely going to be a big name for years to come!

For the less fortunate among us the season is now winding down or over. But for those who are still skiing, April means one thing: it's slush season. Tom Wallisch took full advantage, spinning some laps with our very own EHeath. There's something about this cut that makes it some of my favourite Wallisch park footage for some time, even though it's clearly a couple of chilled laps. In fact, I guess it's precisely because it is a couple of chilled laps but there's a feel of some of his older footage about it.

Candide dropped some random leftover material from his home resort, and while it isn't as insane as what we all know he's capable of, it's somehow all the better for it. He's just supremely gifted and any little snippet of footage is a joy to watch.

Continuing on the slushy spring theme, Gaper Day was a week or so ago and the edits are just appearing. There's a gem from Northstar which is well worth a watch for the costumes, the laughs and the skiing. There's also a surprisingly family friendly, but very fun looking edit from the Hood Crew, profile shot at Crested Butte (not necessarily on Gaper Day but you'll see why I grouped them). There are less substances and less human flesh than most THC edits but damn does that day look fun as fuck.

But the edit that made me say what the fuck this week? Well it doesn't feature spring sunshine but rain instead. It's just a few runs of messing about in Sunset Park, Grandvalira, courtesy of Alex Hall and Nate Miceli. How he balanced that 1mph backslide I don't know, but I'm starting to doubt AHall is even human.