Cover photo: Finn Bilous sending one, shot by Mickey Ross

This week was punctuated by the release of the the GoPro 6 Black, the latest iteration of skiing's most widely used camera. I cherish my ignorance of all things electronic, but the footage you get from a GoPro these days is pretty damn impressive. And the release provides a perfect segue to one of our top rated edits of the week, Andrey Anfruiev's summer edit from Zermatt, filmed entirely on GoPro (see what I did there?) and mad stylish to boot.

Strangely, given that it's early October, it's a pretty backcountry heavy Weakend this week and in that niche of skiing, it's hard to think of a better place to start than Sean Pettit. When he drops an edit, you click on it, simple. This should be no exception, he's still sending it to the moon and this part contains one of the most perfect tranny finders you're ever going to see.

Next up are three very diverse backcountry-focused bangers from messrs Siggers, Curle and Merrill. I watched them all a couple of times in the hopes of cutting one or two to keep the length of this manageable and just couldn't justify it. Dylan's playful pow shots, Johnny's reckless pillow/drop lines and Tyler's willingness to send in all kinds of conditions provide a dope overview of where skiing out of the park is going these days, take a moment to watch the lot.




And now back to some more seasonally appropriate content in the form of some crazy summer park edits. Levi Ascher's summer cut is well worth a (second or third) watch, especially the tweaked safety late 360 ender, which is one of the cooler jump tricks I've seen in a minute. It was largely filmed by Gavin Rudy, who dropped a summer edit which is a real fun watch too. In a normal week these would have been undisputed highlights but as often happens, edits come in waves. Surfing the surprisingly controversial when it's thus named 'New Wave', is Simple's La Riviera which, as one user put it, contains multiple "onefoot combos from another universe". Oh, and a cameo from the new king of Whistler himself. last, but about as far from least as is humanly possible, comes the Keesh crew's summer vacation in NZ. I've pretty much used up my supply of superlatives on these guys already, so again I'm going to let the members comments do the talking, and just say that I'm stoked to see the crew getting the credit they so richly deserve.

"god damn that might just be my favorite edit of all time" - egg

"Beautiful... Thanks!" - C_Stevenson

"is keesh the most fire crew of all time? all evidence points to yes" - mikemac