Cover Photo: Tomas Popritkin

Spring is well and truly here now. Across both North America and Europe, seasons are drawing to a close. It's a bittersweet time of year, because while you might not be able to ride anymore or for much longer, the spring edits keep rolling in from the guys chasing the last of the snow. The contest season is more or less over and I want to start this Weakend off with something that actually happened 12 days ago but I omitted in the last Weakend. It's Ryan Faye's third place run from the Freeride World Tour in Verbier and it's so good that I can't not highlight it. He's a long time NS member and is absolutely killing it, I was shouting at the screen when I watched it live.

The last week was a quiet one for news but, it having been quite a dramatic season, we're probably due a break. CAST released the kickstarter for their Pivot based touring option with interchangeable toes. It's definitely an interesting take on things, I hope we can get one of our review team on them soon to find out more. But in the absence of news, there have been a hatful of banger edits. First of all we have Juho Kilkki's latest from his #skieverywhere series. I love this series because it isn't about the gnarliest, most technical tricks. There is no playing to fashion or certain styles. It's just one of the best rail skiers on the planet showing that with even with no bungee, no hill, no special spots, you can still have a great time on skis.

Part two of the now familiar Scandinavian takeover comes courtesy of Los Ninos, Siver Voll and Petter Ulsletten. They've got contrasting but equally dope styles and there's no shortage of bangers from all over Europe.

Conditions in Switzerland right now are all-time slushy fun. Kai Mahler is making the most of it in Laax, showing off both swervy pipe behaviour and his insane jump game. That straight air is definitely one for the books.

It's fair to say that selfie sticks are pretty whack, but sometimes someone does something rad enough to make them forgivable, and this cut out of Japan definitely fits the bill. Hats off to Yushi Saito, that underflip on should not go on that feature.

But the revered Weak-ender slot has to go to Magnus Graner and his two year epic cut, Now Skiman. The level of 'fuck that' in the ender alone earns the spot but he's been on a tear through the game for the past few seasons and the cut shows it off perfectly. His constant stoke and enjoyment of skiing anything is just an added bonus.