Cover photo: Nate M shot by Alex Hall

The winter season is slowly building steam and this weekend saw the first big contest in the northern hemisphere: Sosh Big Air at Hive Fives Festival in Annecy. The contest saw Tanner Hall ski a Big Air for the first time in a decade, Elias Syrja take the first big win of what promises to be a career filled with insanity on jumps and plenty of other highlights from a stacked field. The festival also hosted the first showing of the Faction Skis movie and many many more. Trailers and previews are still coming in almost daily for movies releasing this fall, the first of which to drop will be Good Company's Guest List. I'll be writing a full review as soon as I've finished this, but in the meantime check out the preview segment from Mt. Baker, starring Gnarly Karl and Lucas Wachs making skiing look way too easy.'re getting a reminder, from both the movies to be released this fall as well as season edits, of just how epic last season was. There are crazy powder edits coming from all directions, so many in fact that I couldn't fit them all in here. Isaac Freeland dropped his frankly insane season edit, which includes a POV double backie over Chad's Gap. Who hits Chad's and doesn't even take a filmer?

And then there's this gem from Trace Cooke, which has a whole host of insane pillow lines and much of which looks like it's been shot by a major production house. It's getting harder and harder for the big ski movies to set themselves apart thanks to edits like this. thing they can do is give up-and-comers a chance to shine and nobody is doing that better than Level 1's SuperUnknown. Chase Mohrman was one of this year's finalists and has just dropped all his shots from the shoot. His style is dope, the music is on point and all in all, this is a great edit. I hope all the SuperUnknown guys are going to drop edits because they clearly all had minutes worth of bangers. He's also a part of Lupe Hagearty's For The Love project, the trailer of which is well worth a watch. final highlights of the week come from two of the most creative skiers in the game. Sami Ortlieb dropped his summer skiing compilation, and there simply is no other skier on the planet quite like him. He has a third instalment of his Birds movies coming this fall and you're going to watch that for without question the most creative skiing and editing in the ski business. In the meantime, enjoy some summer weirdness. finally, last week saw the return of Five Questions With. The series got off to a perfect start courtesy of LSM who showed not just his unique new tricks, but also his serious both-ways jump game, not to mention his ability to think and answer questions thoughtfully.