Cover Photo: Carlo L. Mion (Full Image)

What's up everyone? I've spent most of this weekend watching SuperUnknown entries and concluded there are far too many good skiers out there. Dan might be onto something when it comes to #stopskiing. I'm going to write a bit more about judging that at a later date but an early props to everyone who entered. A further reminder of the plain silly level in skiing came from watching a full FIS World Cup qualifying featuring 80 or so competitors, all of whom are insanely talented (and very few of whom did anything I'd describe as unique or creative; there were some, you know who you are). The event in Silvaplana was the final Slopestyle World Cup of the year and Teal Harle took the opportunity to win his first major contest. The pinnacle of his run was the crazy rotation dub at 01:43 below. Isabel Atkin took the women's win.

The crystal globes for the (FIS) 'Slopestyle World Champions' were also handed out this weekend, despite the fact that the World Championships in Sierra Nevada are still to come... which makes no sense to me. Then again, not much of what FIS do does. I've seen virtually no coverage of this, so just so you know: McRae took the men's globe and Sarah Hoefflin took the women's title. Not bad for an Astrophysicist (or whatever crazy science major it was) who spends most of her 'training' time climbing mountains rather than riding slope.

On the video front it has been a wild week as always. There are a ton of crews out there killing it right now, including Saucepossie who dropped the epic 16 minute sequel Flextape (Part 2). The Humans from Trollhaugen have also been on a tear all winter, and their new cut is another banger. I'm really enjoying this series.

But I guess the headline act was the Keeshlife boys, some of whom were doing crazy things in Absolut Park. I'm not sure Miika Virkki is human and if you don't know, you will soon. If there's any justice he's going to blow the fuck up.

Other Keesh crew members joined the Alexs (Hall and Hackel) and hucked their meat in Candide's playground, La Balme, earlier this week. Essentially, this was a relaxing break between contests. Sometimes they landed on their feet.

Alex Hall, featured in the above edit too, posted a shot of this rail he hit while channeling his inner wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. Seriously though, the fact that he made this, with that speed, regardless of arm flair, is fucking nuts. Mad respect.

Double coverage of the Kimbo sessions also dropped this week. It happened like 10 months ago which makes this strange. Ahmet Dadali dropped a banger edit from the event and the trailer for a full length about it also dropped, featuring an 'all time greatest' bluntslide (03:27) from Henrik (who also did both ways nosebutter dub 12s in his slope run at Silvaplana), a mind bending dub from Torin and much more. Ante Oloffson can make a strong case for being the greatest film maker out right now and I can't wait for the full cut.

[EDIT: The Bunch boys also covered Kimbo sessions this week and it is somewhat different from the above edit. It features Henrik (again, a bonkers 7 this time) alongside Ahmet moshing, RATM and other fucking beautiful madness]