For me the news highlight of the week was John Spriggs signing for cannabis company Oregrown. Aside from a great guy getting a sweet deal, it seems an interesting window into the future. As the weed industry profits grow, I expect we'll be seeing similar deals for more than a few riders. Ignoring arguments about advertising harmful products (as opposed to energy drinks, alcohol, blah blah) it makes sense to me, the riders get paid and get to rep something they actually use (unlike the sugary death water).

It snowed a metric shit-ton across much of the West, as it has been for most of the winter (the bastards). But at least in Jackson Hole, it's been too much snow of late. Storms have left the power out and the resort closed. Storms also cancelled large much of last weekend's Mammoth World Cup, but the big news is that this weekend, FIS finally managed to run a full slopestyle event (Quebec). Ok the course was dull and the light was flat but at least they finished a complete event for (I think) the first time this winter. For Big Air and Slopestyle recaps follow the pretty blue words but the TL:DR is that the Swiss team pissed on everyone else's parade with a haul of 3 out of possible 4 golds and 8 of 12 medals total.

On the videographical entertainment front, the West Coasters have been noticeable by their absence this week. Presumably they're too busy skiing all that snow, the bastards. Luckily the rest of the world has come through with some gems.

First up is Austrian Tom Ritsch, who had quite the week. His Slvsh game with Dylan Sondrup was a good'un and he also dropped his 15-16 season edit showing off his backcountry game alongside some park slayage. It was kinda overlooked last week but damn Tom! So stoked to see what you come up with this winter.

On the 'merican side of the pond, some Trollhaugenn humans dropped this stunner. Tow rope parks this good are bound to create some insane talent but even so, this is certainly something else. With dubs on what is essentially a mogul and some bonkers rail shenanigans, it has it all. My highlight was Kendozer's Delorme impression at 1:04ish, but the whole thing is a headfuck.

Talking of mind benders, the UK's Row Emery showed that he's got faster footwork than Mumble (Happy Feet, yeah I went Disney) in Black Ice. There isn't a ton of ice involved, in fact it's mostly plastic and some great trick selection to go along with the swapfest. It's a great example of making the most of what you've got and I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with after a first proper stint in the mountains!

And lastly we take a trip to Poland for some serious style courtesy of Robert Szul. Again, it's not the biggest or greatest of parks and again, it's a banger. Style, technical tricks and tunes, what more could you want. True.