After a wild Saturday night, some of the team and I went up to Loveland on Sunday to get some early season riding.  It was a great day, with good weather, a good run for October, and no crowds.  We were able to lap all day without ever stopping.  Check out the pics below from Schmitty and Kenzie, and get to Colorado for some skiing.

Steph is stoked to be back on snow.

Carrie killing it on her new Invaders.

Get back to work Dan.

Jen Allen.

Carrie's brother Johnny.

Moment Bibbys rule.

A needed break from team managing...

Jon enjoying a road soda.

Even Schmitty and Kenzie got to have some fun...

Nevill on his new Disorderlys.

Dustin from Loveland.

Big thanks to Loveland for the tickets.  Hopefully you've been growing your beards out for the contest.  Landon's is going to be tough to beat.