Art needs it’s own space. This is why art galleries offer an environment that an artist can mold and control to their need.

The online experience is a little different, and that’s expected; but how can you create the best ambience for an artist’s work to showcase itself online?

By clearing screen clutter.

If you’re like most people, your browser has a few toolbars, tabs and windows open. To add to this, there are the usual Twitter & Facebook notifications. In short, it’s not the best environment to take-in an artist’s work.

Here’s how you can clear up your browser screen quickly.

Full Screen shortcuts for Browsers


Google Chrome 14+ – Shift+Cmd+F – Presentation Mode

Mozilla Firefox – Shift+Cmd+F – Full Screen Mode

Plainview – Full Screen Browser


Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer - F11 – Full Screen Mode

I’m sorry, but Opera and Safari don’t seem to have full screen options. If you know a work-around for these browsers, do leave us a comment.

Photo by: eschipul

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