D-Structure, Plehouse and Newschoolers are proud to announce a one of a kind contest.

We are looking for the best urban jib setups in North America to shoot scenes for Plehouse’s next film production: White Shine, the D Film - and we need your help! (Yes, Plehouse is producing the D-Structure film!)

So what are we looking for? We want something that’s original and hasn’t been seen in other ski videos. It can be anything from sick rails, gaps, drops, wall rides or whatever you think might be interesting.

What’s in it for you?We’ll bring our film crew and a D-Structure pro rider to your hometown to meet with you, and shoot scenes for the D-Structure film. The whole trip will be featured on the White Shine DVD and if you’re good enough, you might see yourself jibbing your feature on the DVD. We’ll also bring tons of swag from our sponsors for you and your friends.

How do we want it?This is the tricky part; in order to properly manage all submissions, we have very precise and strict criteria;

Size: -Must be digital format.-8 inches wide maximum-72 dpi (in Photoshop for example, you go to the image menu and select image size, put in the width. -100k’s maximum (in Photoshop for example, you go to the file menu and select save for web. This will optimize your image and make it small enough to send over the web.

Description:-The obstacle(s) must be clear and visible in the photo.-Describe in a sentence what you think the jib should be.

Your information: -Complete name -Street address, city, state/province and zip/postal code. -Phone number-e-mail

Send photos* and information to : contest@d-structure.com

Please write D Urban Shoot as subject for the e-mail.** No more than 5 photos per entry** Please keep everything confidential so that it can be actually a surprise when the movie comes out.