In that last nail biting moment before dropping into something so steep.

It would be more rational to turn back, But something tells you to go!

Will it slide? Will my skis get hung up? What am I doing?

Calm Down? - Take a Deep Breath? - Breath Slowly?

Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Dropping.


Oh, sweet mother this is steep?

The monument of truth comes as you launch, free-falling into you’re first turn, you’re skis hanging in mid air before touching down and sinking gracefully into you’re next turn-the snow sliding from beneath your skis like a white snowy torrent, gathering more momentum with every turn.



Deep breaths? Stay focused? Things are under control five more turns and i am outta here.

You slump into the snow like a sweat drenched pig, struggling to catch your breath, after skiing the line of your life and surviving.