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The Telus Triple Challenge at Blue

Mountain is usually covered by Mr. Bishop himself, but since he is

extremely busy with improving Newschoolers for you guys, I was sent

on a suicide mission to his stomping grounds where I learned many

life lessons, but most importantly that the Triple Challenge is an

event you don't want to miss. The adventure began Tuesday when my

ride realized he no longer had room for me or my gear, and that I

would have to find another way up. Luckily I was able to scramble a

lift with Mike Ness and Dom Laporte (thanks guys) who gladly offered

me a spot in their beat up Subaru. I had never met them before, and

the fact that they were willing to come pick me up and spend the next seven hours with me says a lot about our us freeskiers. To me, skiing is

not just a sport but a whole community which is always eager to

welcome new faces and friends into their life, and by the time we

arrived at Blue Mountain I had two new buddies which I didn't have a

few hours before.

We were wondering why nobody showed up for practice...turns out it was canceledUpon arriving at the Max Hill's residence

at about 3:00 am, we all quickly passed out as we had a big week

ahead of us and wanted to stay well rested and healthy. The format of

the Triple Challenge was pretty simple. Practice and registration for

the slopestyle started on Wednesday morning, slope was all day

Thursday, the rail jam was Friday and the exclamation point of the

competition was the big air on Saturday.

Dom Laporte likes riding switch...and Newschoolers.com
Don't make the same mistake I did and drink more than six of these a dayWe woke up early Wednesday to some gray

skies and scattered rain and snow, which isn't the ideal slopestyle

conditions but we made our way to the hill nonetheless. Once we got

there, the beautiful event staff reminded us that slopestyle practice

was canceled today and that they posted it on their website the prior

evening. That meant that we wouldn't be skiing all day, so we decided

to practice something other than slope, drinking. We quickly piled

into the car and headed to Mac's to pick up a few cases of beer and a

couple packs of rolling papers, and the rest is history.

Thee Twins

CASG. Look it upProps to local CASG gang member Robert

Ironside for providing a place for everyone to party, because without

him there would be nothing to fill the gap in this article. For those

of you who don't know what a shoe is, pull out your pen and paper and

take note because I'm about to teach you something which not only

will prove useful the rest of the ski career, but will make your

non-skier friends gag with disgust. So it's pretty simple, doing "a

shoe" consists of taking off your dirty stinky old shoe, emptying

the rest of your beer into it, and chugging it like a champion. Why

in the hell would you do a shoe you might be asking? When you commit

a party foul and get called out for it, or if you call a false shoe

on someone else, in which case you must do the shoe out of his or her


Fuck you giving you a big "Fuck you"So yeah, here are some party pictures.

Enjoy them. Hate on them. Oh and since I'm such a nice guy, I figured

I'd let you guys in on a little secret...there will be a Max Hill

interview coming soon, and you definitely won't be ready for it.

They go hard.Waking up Thursday morning was a very

odd experience. First of all everyone's memory was a bit shady, but

the craziest part is that it was dumping outside and the weather took

a complete 180 from the previous day. Even though a lot of heavy snow doesn't make for the most ideal slopestyle conditions, it was still much better than rain,

and everyone on the hill was stoked that Mother Nature had one last

surprise for us. Athletes were given an hour to practice before the

amateurs and women had their qualifying runs. The run for most people

consisted of a down rail followed by a 4-jump line, with the

option of hitting a very long I-beam or barrel bonk instead of the

first or second jump. The pros then had a chance to throw down their

best out of two runs hoping to make it to the finals.

The course. Shout out to the park and event staff for such a greatly run competition!
Front flips are always cool
So are spins
And even rail slides


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Since there was a lot of time to chill

in between qualifiers and finals, we decided it was a good time to

get some faceshots, along with a few lifestyle shots. Here they are.

I wish I was man enough to grow a gnarly beard like this
French connection
CASG chillin
Team work baby. The first Super U winners slashin some powAfter

fooling around in the powder for a while, it was time for the pros to

throw down and they each had two chances of putting up a dope run. Hugo

Pelletier was keeping it steezy with super smooth tricks and in my

opinion had the nicest switch 9 tail on the final jump of the day.

Props to Mike Ness for being the only competitor opting out of the

first two jumps to hit the I-beam and barrel bonk, unfortunately for

him he literally hit the barrel and had to throw away his run. By far

the stand out skier of the day was Sandy with solid rail tricks, and

banger jump line which was filled with cork 7's, switch 9's and regular

cork 9's. Everyone gathered in the Cascade room to hear the results,

and here they are:Men's ProSandy BovilleJon HarrisHugo PelletierFemale ProGillian McGiverJen CrichtonJessica WarlMen's AmateurZack HellreichMatthew WilcoxGary Klutt

Hugo eagerly awaits the results
I don't think I've ever slept in such a nice looking bedBig

shout out to Blue Mountain and the Grand Georgian Hotel for hooking up

some pimp accomadations for me and the crew! We would have been

sleeping in the car if it wasn't for you guys.The next day was

the rail jam, which had 2 hour "jam style" practice in the morning

followed by the finals at night in front the village crowd. The

features were a very long and high flat bar, and a street style DFD

flat bar.The level of competition was extremly high, with the amateur's

spinning on-and-off the flat bar and disastering the DFD.

Amateurs were killing it with smooth presses all day
Mr. Bullet locking for a sw up

six person chair running right under the rail course was the perfect

showcase for weekend warriors and joey's alike to see that you don't

have to snowboard to hit rails. The pros had their chance to throw

down, and the Quebec crew brought the heat with the first 630's out and

spins onto the DFD. Since these were not qualifiers but just practice,

everyone took it fairly mellow and saved their big tricks for the

finals. The skies were blue however

so we all decided to cruise over to the slopestyle course and shred the

park for a few hours. If only it was like this during slopestyle, it

would have made for a much nicer competitions with less issues and more

consistency. Either way people were just stoked to be riding the

beautiful Blue park with all their homies.

Everyone loves follow cams
Hugo getting low on the I-beam
It's too easy to get a nice photo of Martin
Hugo is pretty photogenic also
Marty again
Mike Ness is the shit, thanks again for the lift and hospitality!After

shredding the park all afternoon, everyone went back to get a little

bit of rest, put some food in their bellies and get in the right state

of mind. The setup for the rail jam was the same, the only difference

is that the snowboaders and skiers rode together this time. A huge

crowd at the bottom of the course kept everyone motivated to throw

down, unfortunately I am a broke-ass photographer and don't have the

proper flash setup to shoot at night, so you guys will have to make due

with some below-par photos.

Jessica Warl calling the flat rail her bitch
There were snowboarders too!
Coal Drextler showing off another gang related battle scarWhen

all was said and done, Jamieson Irvine finished first followed closely

by a large group of skiers that could have taken the big check home

also. Sandy Boville kept up his winning streak by coming in second and

throwing some tech tricks on both the features, while the Quebec crew

held it down with reg 270 on's by both Mike Ness and Martin Bullet and

switch lip 270's on by Dom Laporte. Max Hill kept things fresh as

usual with switch butter 2 in and some dope follow cams with Matt

Brindisi, who had the most gangster 270 on 630 out I have seen in a

long time. Mac Jones was also going big, spinning 450 disasters on the

DFD, unfortunately the landing was really close to the end of the rail,

so there wasn't much you could do once you hit the last kink. Big props

goes to Jessica Warl for shredding hard and pushing herself and the

other girls by being the first one to hit most features, and being the

only one to try a 270 on. Here are the results.Men's ProJamieson IrvineSandy BovilleHugo PelletierFemale ProJen CrichtonSteph BoinqueJessica WarlMen's AmateurReid MceachranMatt WilcoxJordan Innes

Rail Jam winnersSaturday

was the big day. The Blue Mountain park staff did an amazing job at

building a behemoth of a jump which measured 75 feet to the sweet spot,

and the take off was 25 feet and 12 feet high. Local hero Dave Bishop

guinea pigged it with a MASSIVE daffy way too deep for his own good.

The crowd quickly began growing at the bottom of the jump, and riders

were getting stoked to hit such a beautifully sculpted jump.

CASG is just everywhere at Blue
The man, the myth, the legend...Dave Bishop
Hey dad! Look at those skiers hitting that big snow ramp!
Switch 180. Landed. Fuck yeah Jess.Before

I continue, I'd like to give a shout out to Jessica Warl. This girl

destroyed it all week, and was the first in her category to hit the

jump. Most people would follow up a test jump with a 180 or a 360, but

Jess did a switch 180 before 90% of the male athletes had a chance to

hit it switch. Unfortunately she overshot the jump later in the day and

was unable to compete in the finals at night. Since there were only two

other girls, they were rewarded first and second place for their tricks, while Jess got nothing. Even though she was unable to

compete in the finals, I felt it wasn't fair that they did not reward

her third place (instead there was only first and second) and most

importantly did not even receive any props. So here are your props

Jess, get better soon and get back to killing it as usual.

Pressing it for the crowd
Dom Laporte's first big air jump
I wish there were more lazyboy's with a little shifty thrown in for good measure
TQT (Team Quebec Train)I

know I sort of have a biased opinion here, but my favorite skiers to

watch of the day were the Team Quebec train which consisted of Hugo

Pelletier, Martin Bullet and Dom Laporte. Hugo was the first man

throwing down super laidback lazyboy three's and five's, followed by

Martin's extremely clean rodeo 5's and 7's, and finished off with Dom's

switch spins. Take note aspiring big air skiers. Dom Laporte was a last

minute scratch for the Saturday afternoon big air comp, as he did not

get invited, didn't have that many results, and didn't place so well in

the first two events. He also never did a switch 7 until Saturday

afternoon, where he did his first switch 7, and then switch 1080, and

then (spoiler alert) switch 1260 tail.

Don't know who you are, but you were killing it
Gotta have at least one guy in the sky shot!
If you don't know who this is yet something is wrong with you
Max Hill follow cam!
Sash Lazic throwing the biggest laidback switch backflip I have ever seen. Stomp the living shit out tooBig

air qualifiers ended up turning into big air practice, as all

competitors got invited to the night time showdown which consisted of a

3 hour jam session where the skier or boarder with the best trick took

home the $3500 first place cash prize. Everyone stepped up their game

going bigger at night and getting huge reactions from the crowds.

Again, sorry for the fairly shitty photos, but if you really want

better ones feel free to send me a check so I can buy the proper flash

equipment. Thanks guys.

Fuck yeah, Richard Roth's flash, my luck.
You'll have to make due with another snowboard shot
Coal Drextler photography. So artsyWhen

all was said and done, Dominic Laporte took home first place with his

first switch 12, with Mack Jones coming in a close second with a

stomped kang flip and Jon Harris with flawless switch 10's. Many

athletes and spectators, including Dom himself, thought that Mack

should have taken home first with his kangaroo flip, but they both knew

that all they can do is ski and the rest is up to the judges. Being the

great competitors they are, they were both just stoked to hit a massive

jump in front of a big crowd and go home with a pocket full of cash.Men's ProDom LaporteMack JonesJon HarrisWomen's ProGillian McGiverJen Crichton

Guess what the money was spent on?
StokedSee you guys at the end of March and end of April for the Telus Spin at Tremblant and WSI in Whistler!

usually I'm not a claimer, but as most of you guys know I'm fairly new

to this whole photography thing and have only been snapping photos for

the last few months. When I arrived at Blue, I noticed there was a

photography showdown which awarded cash prizes for the top three

finishers. The only problem was that you had to have printed photos

ready, and I only had two hours remaining before the deadline. Not having

a proper laptop or printer, I scrambled like crazy to put together four

photos and print them out on shitty 8 x 11 photocopy paper from an

office printer. I gotta say, they didn't really compare to some of the

giant framed photo posters of some of the competitors, but it was

enough to snag me third place and $200 (which was later spent at the

bar). Props to Richard Roth (http://www.rothphoto.com) for taking home first.Here are the four photos I entered:

Alexis Godbout
Maude Raymond
Martin Boulais
ESK at Adstock