Trade (noun)-An occupation, especially one requiring skilled labor. In a world so caught up on the belief that professional careers will make you rich, the true essence of owning a trade has become over shadowed in present day. What once served as the means of survival and making a living in the USA, is now for some reason stigmatized as being the work you do if you don’t go to college. It is impossibe learn a trade overnight or stumble into the managers position with a fresh resume and a new hair cut. You start at the bottom and learn everything along the way from a person passing down their knowledge to you.Screen printing is a trade that still thrives here in the USA, even after the mass migration of production moving to other parts of the world for more competitive and lower pricing. American screen printing holds true. The essence of what it means to master a trade, an artform all in itself. I hold a high respect for the people thriving in learning a trade, always having more to learn and master their craft. You could go as far to say the learning experience is never ending.Not only with screen printing but every other trade as well.The images below are from a thriving American production facility.

Screen printing technology has changed but the learning curve hasn’t.
A seasoned veteran and also my favorite piece of art ever (a favorite trash can?). 
Masters of their trade.