The deadline to get your entry for Superunknown XII submitted to Level 1 is the 20th February. To count down to the deadline, we're looking back at some of the greats of Superunknown. And Superunknown VII was something of a controversial one. For the first time, the winner couldn't simply pigeonholed as a park skier tailor made to kill the park shoot the winners get invited to. Logan Imlach was something different, a creative all rounder.

Like Jon Brogan his selection provoked outcry among certain segments of NS for a perceived lack of technicality. But he carved a niche for himself that made him an excellent selection by doing tricks never seen before. He continued to innovate right to the end, stomping what I'd say was the best trick in the whole of Less. And all through his career in skiing he worked a 'proper job', even through winter.

His willingness to speak out on big topics in the industry and his attitude to skiing has always set him apart from his peers. Sure he divides opinion, but most interesting people do. And for what it's worth, he's grown to be my favourite Superunknown winner of them all.

nutz. worded it better than I managed to on this occasion in his comment below, which reads: "Logan is the everyman's skier. He works hard and stays humble. He's the sort of guy I would have been writing about in elementary school when the topic came to heroes because for me, Logan's extraordinary because he's ordinary. What's he's done is show people that everything's achievable with some hard work, dedication, and creativity and that through these traits you can pave your own path. Loads of people could do with learning a thing or two from him and maybe even following in his footsteps. But then again if you were following in his footsteps you wouldn't be learning too much from him would you?"

Logan recently retired from professional skiing and has got himself a job as a ski engineer. With the background he's got, I can't wait to see what he comes up with. Judging by his vimeo, which I stalked to put together this article, he also just got engaged. So here's to Logan, best of luck!

34.25 - 39.45ish (His ender in a snowboard movie, how many skiers can claim that!?)

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