The deadline to get your entry for Superunknown XII submitted to Level 1 is TOMORROW (20th Feb)! We're looking back at some of the greats of Superunknown and 2012/2013 was a mini takeover of Superunknown by The Bunch, with back to back wins from LSM and Magnus Graner.

LSM was perhaps the most surprising Superunknown of them all, simply because he wasn't selected as one of the 12 finalists by Level 1. He was picked as the winner out of the blue from the list of honourable mentions after consultations with Level 1 crew. Hornbeck, Casabon, Ahmet, Sig Tviet and Parker White all made a case for his selection, that's got to feel good.

The following year was the first in which all the finalists were invited to the big park shoot to 'compete' in person for the Superunknown crown. After a week of shredding, the the title was taken by Magnus Graner. Both his selection and LSMs proved to be undeniably inspired picks by the people at Level 1. In Less LSM and Magnus both put out sections that you could make a case for calling performance of the year. Both are rapidly turning into some of the biggest names in the film game. If you haven't seen The Bunch movie Finess, you need to crawl out from that rock you've been living under, but even if you have, watch it again at the bottom!

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