The deadline to get your entry for Superunknown XII submitted to Level 1 is the 20th February. To count down to the deadline, we're looking back at some of the greats of Superunknowns past and at where they are now. And Superunknown isn't just about the winners. Countless runners up have used superunknown as a stepping stone to filming with Level 1/other production houses and make careers for themselves in skiing. Arguably the most successful loser of them all is the legendary Ahmet Dadali.

Back in Superunknown III Ahmet narrowly lost out to Michael Clarke, who after a couple of serious injuries is now making bank filming commercials. It took a couple of years for Ahmet to be invited in to the Level 1 fold but he then featured heavily in six successive movies from Realtime to Sunny. He's now unquestionably one of the greatest street skiers of all time, running the show at La Familia with Mike Hornbeck and starring in his own web series 'Flip The Script'.

Winning really isn't everything, at least in this case. Superunknown is simply a great way to get yourself noticed. To drum that point home, other unsuccessful entrants include: LJ Strenio, Shay Lee, Clayton Vila, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Karl Fostvedt, Nick Martini, Ian Compton, Maximillian Smith, Sandy Boville, Alex Bellemare, Chris Logan, Tim McChesney, McRae Williams, Sean Jordan and Will Berman.

Make sure you check out Ahmet's latest Flip the Script as well as his epic section in Partly Cloudy below. And make sure to head on over to to check the full rules and regulations for Superunknown XII and to submit your edit!