Cover photo: Aiden Ulrich

SuperUnknown is back for a 14th season and the deadline is the 20th of February. So if you're stacking clips, you've got about a month left. And if you're on the fence about entering, do it. Honourable mentions and semi-finalist spots have been known to spark careers, and while winning is great, it truly is one competition where taking part can be equally as rewarding. Full entry details here. Over the coming weeks, we're taking a look back at those guys who didn't take the win but went on to blow minds in the industry.

Back in 2010, Logan Imlach took one of the most forum debated SuperUnknown wins of all time. It was an unbelievably stacked year, even for a contest that always brings out the best of lesser known talent. At least four or five guys who entered that year went on to be big names in the industry, one of whom was Tim McChesney.

Tim was already known on Newschoolers before the contest and maybe that hurt his case, who knows. Since his finalist entry, he's gone on to film for multiple Level 1 movies, appeared in every episode (bar one) of We Are The Faction Collective and become a core member of the Good Company crew. In short, he's become a household name in skiing.

We Are The Faction Collective S01E03 - Tim was a big part of one of the greatest edits of all time

He's got prodigious talent on skis, be it urban missions or backcountry shoots. But alongside that, comes a less enviable talent for taking slams. He seems to get up and walk a way from the vast majority but damn he goes down hard. He may have featured in all but one of the Faction edits, but he starred in all three of the crash compilations. All of them are well worth a watch but there are a wealth of options to highlight this talent of Tim's, so I've gone with one which also shows of some bangers from Sunny as well as hall of meat appearances.