Cover Photo: Trevor Woods/ON3P

SuperUnknown is back for a 14th season and the deadline is the 20th of February. So if you're stacking clips, you've got about a month left. And if you're on the fence about entering, do it. Honourable mentions and semi-finalist spots have been known to spark careers, and while winning is great, it truly is one competition where taking part can be equally as rewarding. Full entry details here. Over the coming weeks, we're taking a look back at those guys who didn't take the win but went on to blow minds in the industry.

A year before LSM took the SuperUnknown crown and brought The Bunch to the world, one of the crew's other prominent members, BMack, took a shot at SuperUnknown. He only got an honourable mention but I remember thinking at the time he should have at least made finals. His edit is one of the most interesting of any SuperUnknown to watch with hindsight, because you can see his unique style starting to form. It's one of those SuperUnknowns I'm sure the majority have forgotten about, so I figured it's high time it was brought back and a good way to start this series.

BMack - SuperUnknown VIII

Now he's one of the skiers who I will always stop what I'm doing to watch if something new pops up. Seeing him ski in person is an eye-opening experience too, there are few guys in the game who look so at-one with their skis. Last summer he was flowing around the Zermatt park, where he's a shaper, hitting lines and gaps that nobody else would ever think of. He's also low-key one of the most technical jib skiers out. That's bit of a claim, but watch either of the Digital Zooms, or in fact almost anything he does, and think about how hard the majority of the tricks actually are and you'll see what I mean. There's a reason nobody skis anything like him.

Digital Zooms

He's almost certainly too out there to ever have true mainstream success (I'd like to be proven wrong here) but his talent is undeniable. For me the best thing about his skiing is the constant sense of wonder, of questioning "how the fuck has he gone and done that?". The ender of Digital Zooms is one example, but almost everything you see him do begs the question 'how' (and/or occasionally, why). Even when the shots are seemingly filmed on a potato, you always have a good time watching his edits (and his snapchat). So here's to BMack: SuperUnknown loser, winning skiing.

Digital Zooms 2... Editing/snapchat game is on lock too