Heres the big update with everything.  All pics were taken on Dec 30-31.  By the time you read this, I guarantee something will have changed already. 

Here's some quick stats:

-18ft x 450 ft superpipe is open next to Unbound Main right above Main Lodge

-Main Park is amazing with a few big jumps and a bunch of rails/boxes/lift towers

-Forest Trail has a few rails, boxes, and a line of 3 smaller jumps

-Jibs Galore has rails, boxes and barrel jibs.  Check out the sick up-box

-South Park has some rails, boxes, mini rhythm sections, and a great line of 3 medium sized jumps

-Disco Park has a halfpipe/spine thing that's about 6 ft tall, a few boxes and rails, rhythm section

-Wonderland Park has a line of like 10 or so little tables for the kiddies, a 10 ft halfpipe, a few more boxes and rails

Also, I'm sure I missed a few things.  I'm only one man

Unbound Main:

Starts with a simple down rail

Next a lift tower

Next a box

Here's the first jump on the right side.  Pretty nice sized and super smooth

Next another lift tower

Here's the new Quiksilver box.  it's all covered in slippy plastic, so you can hit it tons of different ways

As seen in nearly every video ever... the bannister rail.  Garrett Russell sliding with a follow cam in tow

Sean Decker

Another flat box

This started out the season as a hip.  Now it's just kinda a crooked jump

Here's the big jump at the bottom. 

Sean Logan tweaking

Chris Benchetler


Benchetler again

Down rail next to the big jump

Super Pipe

Sean Logan again

The scenery isn't too shabby either


Here's the minipipe at Canyon.  10 ft walls.

Jibs Galore

Stall Rail

Barrel/propane tank jib

Down Rail

Big gnarly up box.  Check the video link at the end

a few little flat rails

plastic barrel jibs

drop off rail

pyramid box

Forest Trail Park:

starts with a flat box

Next is a line of 3 smaller jumps.


down rail

sharkfin box

South Park:

starts with a down rail

flat box

Medium sized line of 3 tables on the left, rhythm section on the right

dual takeoffs

a few little boxes and stuff scattered all over.

This beast is still out there.

a few barrel jibs are scattered around

The park ends with a nice flat down.

We were filming something in Jibs Galore the other day and this gem happened right in front of us.

until next time,