Chances are you've seen 26 year old athlete, Sierra Quitiquit in any (and every) magazine from Vogue and Cosmopolitan to Freeskier and Powder. You may have even watched her in Warren Miller's Ticket to Ride, or playing the role of 'Ayla' in Sweetgrass Production's, Vallhalla. Quitiquit just released the trailer to her documentary, How Did I Get Here.

How Did I Get Here tells the story of Sierra's rise to success, and using modeling as a complimentary career to support her ski dreams. This is more than just a ski film- rather Quitiquit shares the hardships she was forced to overcome in order to get where she is today. Sierra stated while filming for Ticket to Ride (2013), "A year ago I was checking ID's at the Mangey Moose, massaging old men's hairy backs, and flipping burgers- to be here now is absolutely surreal".

How Did I Get Here Official Trailer

From humble beginnings, complex family dynamics and tragic, life-changing events, to her unlikely rise to success in two very different worlds: fashion modeling and professional skiing. "How Did I Get Here" is a coming-of-age story, full of adventure, exploration, heartbreak, growth and inspiration.

Produced by KGB Productions, coming to iTunes December 15th, 2015.