Words & video by Nick Martini

After I got back from Iceland I headed straight to Utah to link up with the Poorboyz crew. Leo Ahrens and I stayed at Powder Mountain for a week and filmed pow in the surrounding area. After some good jump sessions the mountain let us do some jibbing around the lodge, where drunken après-ski enthusiasts cheered us on as we did some roof drops and wall rides.

At the Powder Mountain Lodge prepping the landing for a bomb drop.

After a quick stop back in Boulder, we headed to Tahoe to do some more urban shredding. Tahoe had just gotten over 10 feet of snow, and by the time we got there it was 75 degrees out. Surprisingly the sun baked slush worked perfect for the stuff we were doing.

The "Kappy Shack" jib about to go down. Martini spotted at the top the photo shoveling the take off.

Cody Carter, Nate Abbott and I spent the week jumping off of empty ski homes, and trying our luck at the black jack tables.

"Marco", Dave Chappelle's right hand man, getting ready to watch the session.

Enjoy the video, and stay tuned for the next episode dropping asap!


The Next Step Episode 3