Words & photos by The Red Knight

Konichiwa! The TC Crew heads to the land of pow, sushi, robots, more sushi, more pow, super-fast trains, sumo wrestling and the rising sun: Japan!

Our trip would have been doomed without the King of Japan: Tatsuya Tayagaki. A huge thank-you goes out to Tatsuya for helping us out.

Instead of two hours on a plane, we took a twenty-hour boat ride to the north island, Hokkaido.

A team meeting on the boat with the captain Rob Heule.

Tatsuya’s RV turned TC Van in Japan.

Cole Drexler noodle style.



Five pairs of used ski socks, one room.

7-11 literature.

From hot dogs to hot tea, vending machines rule Japan.

Hour 15 of 20 on the boat.

It would dump snow at least once a day, everyday.

The Japanese juggle master.

The circle rail!


We would like to give a huge Thank-You to Tatsuya, Akie and everyone at K2/Line Japan, Morris, Hiyuma, Guts and Abe-Shin. Along with all of the resorts who helped make our trip awesome!