Free.99, on the house, complimentary, low cost of $0. However you describe something as being totally free, the best things in life are typically free, especially when it comes to ski movies. In the past couple of months or so, Level 1 has been releasing all of their movies for free on Vimeo. That being said, there are plenty of other movies out there from major production companies like TGR, MSP, and more that you can watch without spending a dime.

Ten and Two - Stept

The last entry from the heavy hitting Stept crew is one of my favorite ski movies to have graced my eyeballs. While the team is off doing incredible cinematic work for big brands across the world, including some ski edits, this masterpiece of story telling is one of my favorite movies of all time. The film’s narrator parallels tales from the past, written by the late Tom Warnick, with the boys’ present day antics.

Unfortunately the movie isn't embeddable but you can watch it here.

Brain Massage - Nipwitz

Courtesy of the mad lads from Finland who went on to start Ski or Die, Nipwitz really came out of the box swinging with this one. Incredibly well received by you guys, it’s easy to see why that was so. The cinematography, spots, and overall send these guys are known for now was put on display for the masses.

Few Words - Quiksilver

Candide Thovex, need I say more? I will because I could go on for hours why this is one of the best movies I’ve seen, and it’s free! Get to know the enigmatic Frenchman in a way few have. Going through his beginnings in moguls as a child to winning X Games in all 3 major disciplines, and later becoming the internet breaking god of skiing we know him today, it doesn’t get much better than this.


G.N.A.R. is an acronym that stands for [Scott] Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness. The basic jist of G.N.A.R is to do as many challenges to accrue points during the period of time in which the game is being played. From hitting the Fingers, to calling your mom in the middle of a line, and other ridiculousness, that is how you win at G.N.A.R.

Claim - MSP

“I’m not going to be afraid show it. I’m gonna let people know! I’m going to CLAIM.” Deeeeeep pow, larger than life cliffs, and plenty of slow motion shots are the premise of one of my favorite MSP movies. Featuring Saucer Boy slamming whiskey, CR Johnson, Sean Pettit’s mental ender (when he still skied), and some guy named Shane McConkey.

Attack of La Nina - MSP

Another excellent entry from MSP makes it into the ranks here. Sean Pettit, Alex Schlopy, Jacob Wester, Richard Permin, Ingrid Backstrom, and the list goes on with several of the best skiers on the planet at the time going bananas in one of the best winters North America had seen in a long time. Watch the rest of their films here, for FREE.

Supervention I & II - Field Productions

Both of these movies deserve a spot here. The Norweigian crew behind these 2 movies combined breathtaking visuals and a lineup of riders that can really cater to any taste. Jesper Tjader doing flips & shit onto gnarly urban rails, Tom Wallisch just doing Tom things, assistant director Evan Sigstad even gets in on the action with some pretty fucked up urban clips. At just over 100 minutes a piece, this duo of movies has plenty of action to feast your eyes upon.

Be Inspired - Inspired Media

No free movie list could be complete without mentioning one of the greatest urban duos to ever grace the planet: Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut. The comments speak volumes of the movie's quality:

"I can't believe I didn't pay to watch this." - @John18_6

"I haven't seen something that makes me want to ski this badly in awhile. That was unreal, I had to watch it twice in a row." - @swagburg

"Hard to wrap my head around what i just witnessed. most mind melting tricks while being so technical with the most stylee. Nothing is better than this. - @quinnw

If you've somehow managed to never watch this gem, please, stop what you're doing and spend 25 minutes to witness two of the greatest skiers of this generation.