Dear friends of The Ski Journal,

Greetings from our publishing headquarters near Mt. Baker, Washington. The response to the launch of The Ski Journal’s premiere issue, back in January, has been unbelievable. Fueled by a deep spring snowpack and a steady stream of reader praise, the staff at funny feelings LLC has been hard at work on The Ski Journal’s second issue, for release in late August 2007. (Following the release of our second issue, we’ll print on a quarterly schedule—meaning a new issue roughly every three months.)

Featuring the same timeless imagery, real editorial, and limited ad pages as the first, TSKJ #2.1 will continue to set the bar for print and paper quality in the ski media.

Our spring has been spent cranking away on alpine publishing, but also each of us getting out there for turns and stoke. Check out our blog page for some of the staff’s goings-ons. Also take a minute to check our recent and exclusive online conversation with legendary ski film maker Greg Stump who announces his first ski movie in nearly a decade, and his most ambitious project to date. “The Legend of Ahhhs” promises to be as anticipated as anything Stumpy has ever done, tracing the life and death of “extreme” from WWII-era ski footage to the current times with footage and interviews from Scot Schmidt to Micah Black.

As well, keep checking the site throughout the summer for updates on the new issue, the release party, trips to Mt. Hood and Blackcomb, and other exclusive content. Our premiere issue #1.1 is still available, but nearly sold out; subscribe today to get this collectible and secure your own complete collection. Subscribe at


Enjoy your summer. Stay cool.