Yeah, we know… the shredder page has been outdated for far too long. Shred  has received many emails and comments about the need to change the old Shred Athletes page and to spruce it up both aesthetically as well as actually feature most all the sponsored  Athletes.

Now we’ve got our athletes listed with more bio information, more images and in the case of those who’ve received a lot of blog coverage, we’ve listed a good deal of those posts in the right hand sidebar under “related news.”

And as always, if you’re a ski or snowboard athlete who thinks he/ she has the goods for a Shred sponsorship, you can apply here: . While there is very little room in the main sponsorship pool, there may be options on a local level. If you’re a serious up and coming shredder in your area, perhaps our local distributor or sales reps will work with you. The point is, you just never know when it’s your turn. No harm in applying.

Well, without further ado, here it is… the new Shredder Pages: