Alpine has the rich history of a traditional old-school ski resort. We have the steep terrain that brings people in from around the country in the wake of arctic powder storms. But we also have something that those who have skied Alpine for 30+ years might never have thought of back in the day…

The Shreadows is Alpine’s expert terrain park. Ride the Kangaroo lift to access the advanced jumps, rails and boxes. It’s some pretty awesome terrain, and we have some amazingly skilled riders pulling some unbelievable tricks up there every day.

If you’re looking to get airborne and jib, huck, and flip your way into the newschool, take a few laps through the Tiegel park on your way down to Roundhouse or the Summit 6. Once you’ve got that dialed, go hit the Shreadows.

Even if you’re don’t want to try a backside Rodeo 9, it’s worth spending some time checking out the park to see what’s going on. These riders have moved on from the daffys and backscratchers of yesteryear in a major way and are amazing to watch!

The Shreadows has an ever changing combination of the following rails, boxes, hips and jumps: 25’ Jump; 30’ Jump; 2 40’ Jumps; 16’ Flat Rail; 24’ Flat Rail; 20’ Down Rail; 32’ Down Rail; 24’ Up-Down Rail; 25’ Tube; 36’ Flat-Down-Flat Rail; 36’ Flat Down Rail; 12’ Spine Tube; 32’ C-Box.