Hey everybody!  My bad that it has been so long since we last spoke... it has been a rough few weeks for me here... unfortunately joining the knee surgery club.  But it in good news here at the Beave we have a brand new park and it has been off the hook so far this winter.  Before I went under the knife I was able to get out there and take some shots to show you what has been going down.  With out further Adu here is the Rodeo!

The Rodeo features a four pack ... yea is said 4 pack... of jumps, this is #1

Jeff is killing switch fives on #3

Spell this Kork 7 with a K

Even Crighton would be proud... Epic Pass

and finally the infamous #4

That's all for now.  I will be trying to make it up again soon to get some more pictures so be on the look out on the next sunny day, it could be you next time on the Beave Report.

Cheers, Jon