The Rider's Club is a non-profit created by Barry Tripp in order to bring progression, coaching, and the joy of skiing and snowboarding to more people than traditional ski academies and freestyle programs could ever dream to do.

With a cost for 25 sessions of coaching by local riders costing about $150, this is not the traditional thousand dollar seasonal ski program. This is something that everyone can afford. With the low cost you would expect the coaches to be lacking in skill, but this is certainly not true. Former and current academy and high level freestyle coaches litter the coaching roster of the Riders Club. This is the attempt by these folk to give back to the winter sports world which had brought them so many opportunities, and will hopefully bring more opportunities to more and more kids now and in the future.

Many of these sessions are at night after school and occasionally on the weekends. It gives kids who would not otherwise have it, access to coaching and on snow time that would otherwise only be available to those going to private school and skiing full time.

The Riders Club is what freestyle skiing needs, the ability to move outside of its high end demographics, and open the sport to everyone and let them pursue the top tier, not just settle into the jean wearing rental gear level, but to the top levels of the sport.

Skiing should be for everyone, and getting good at skiing should be for everyone too, you shouldn't need thousands upon thousands of dollars to get involved. The Rider's Club is working hard to make that happen.

If you grew up skiing in a local recreation program, or any other cheap local program you know how important getting people involved can be.

Skiing might just be the most fun thing on planet earth, and organizations like the Rider's Club are helping everyone get involved and fall in love with the mountains.