Hello again and welcome to Throwback Thursday, my personal take on skiing's golden age.

After another hiatus this series is back once again. This time, for good.

This week we take a look back on Clownschool, a group of homies that started a crew during their freshman year at the University of Utah.

Now, I won't lie. A lot of clownschool was before my time. So instead of me trying to act like I know how everything went down, I feel like you guys should hear it from one of the men behind Clownschool, Evan Heath.

How did Clownschool come about? What was the first clown school edit?

In the fall of 2007, Kevin Steen created clownschool. This was our freshman year at the U of Utah (minus a few guys who were transfers) and basically we all got together and skied and hung out around the dorms all the time. Here is a pretty classic first year edit by Kevin called Nov! He made some edits before this as well, but unfortunately they weren't hosted on NS so some of them are lost. :(



The next year, everyone came back for fall semester and we got right back into the swing of things, Kevin made the first edits 'Back!' and 'Gang'. Then Kevin moved to Maui, at the time he was a pro kite boarder and moved out to Maui to film/ride a bunch of stuff that winter. Scott Cardoza and I were then handed the torch and we made 'Crap' together, then I continued to create them from there.



The best thing about clownschool was that it was just a big group of friends skiing, filming and editing. The first couple years, a few of the guys would film and we would always put together edits together and shit because we all lived together. There are two many of them to name right now, but notable names like John Ware, Tim McChesney, LJ Strenio, John Kutcher, Ryan Wybe are just a few out of the group. Basically whoever we were hanging out with, we skied with, we filmed, etc. Clownschool edits are always just a stack of homies skiing, if I was filming a jump, I filmed everyone and if you got a shot, you were in the edit. Heff made an appearance in 'Fuck!' when he was on vacation and he moved out the next year, we were just down with anyone.

What was it like filming the edits once you guys took over?

When I filmed clown school edits, I barely knew what I was doing haha. I was just cruising around filming my friends, just had some fun, I worked on technique through the final year and definitely improved immensely since my first cs edit I filmed 'Crap!'



What's your favorite clownschool edit? Why?

'Fuck!' you kidding me? What else! haha 'Slow!' is was a fun one, as was 'Dirt!'. The classic ones are my favorite and basically every 3 letter CS edit that Kevin made (including Gang!) are fucking awesome. Kevin never failed to make an amazing edit, I only hoped to live up to half of what his edits were, shit Scott and I just sat there for a second while we were making 'Crap!' and were like "dude, how the fuck are we suppose to make this sick?" and we just did it and it worked. Shouts out to Kevin.



Why did clownschool come to an end? If it was possible would you ever do a reunion edit?

When we hit the 6 letter year (ie, every year the edit names got longer, started at 3) everyone was busy, the main skiers in every edit were traveling to either do contests or film their segment. We are always around each other still, but a reunion edit is pretty unlikely, most of the guys that didnt choose skiing as a career have full time jobs and the rest of them travel so much skiing, its tough. The closest thing I got to a reunion edit was "First Run with LJ and Friends" that i made in 2011/2012 early season. Just 'making a clown school edit' isnt exactly in the cards, for anyone. Maybe one day, only if Kevin makes it.



Well there you have it. A look behind the scenes at one of the dopest crews to ever do it. I wanna give a huge shout out to Eheath for taking time out of his day to educate me and answer some questions about clownschool. If you want to check out more of the clownschool edits, head over to the CS NS page where all the edits are available to watch.

Link: https://www.newschoolers.com/membervideos/78388.0/Clown-School

Hope you all enjoyed this.