The rail maverick, Logan Imlach, famous for his various antics in front of the camera as well as making his own skis has officially joined Armada as a ski engineer!

Taking home the SuperUnknown VII crown in 2010 earned him a chance to film with Level 1 for the next several years off and on. Most notable were his segments in Sunny paying homage to JP by hitting a unique pumptrack-esque snake run through an abandoned building in Alaska and his segment with Real Skifi the following year.

Often hailed as the rail maverick of skiing, Logan set himself apart with unique creeper slide combinations and other various rail tricks that he showed during his run with Level 1. After taking an undetermined hiatus from skiing, so it seemed, Logan came back and started making his own skis in his garage because of not having his own sponsor. Since then, he's been traveling the world, getting engaged, building a cabin in the middle of AK, cranking out a few skateboard decks and more.

Congrats again Logan! Hopefully we will see some interesting designs coming from your creative mind in the near future!