Cover Photo: Jeff Schmuck

Alex Schlopy set a goal for himself going into the 2014 Olympic Games: In his words it was “make the Olympics or I’d rather be dead.” Unfortunately, Alex missed making the US Olympic Team by the slimmest of margins and decided to seek out crack and heroin to dull his pain and follow through on the ‘or I’d rather part’. A few suicide attempts and an arrest later, Alex went to treatment and is currently getting back into the sport he loves. He’s young and still has a chance to regain all that he thought he threw away. Hear his whole story on the podcast - Mike Powell

Mike Powell has been around the ski game for longer than most. He spent 16 years at K2 Sports, managing some of the sport's biggest names, creating content and events such as the Back 9 and Kamp K2 and generally "worked his ass off for the love of sliding snow". His new podcast series, The Powell Movement, features some of the all time legends of skiing, both athletes and industry folk. We're stoked to partner up with Mike and present The Powell Movement's ski episodes (it also deals with snowboard and other action sports) to the world.