Tanner Hall is arguably the best skier of all time. From contests wins to video parts, Tanner has continued to re-invent his game for over 20 years. This 100th episode is a look into Tanner’s life, career and all the things that make Tanner Hall, Tanner Hall. It’s not always pretty and his emotions get the best of him sometimes, but Tanner Hall is one of the G.O.A.T.’s and his story is one that everyone should hear.

Tanner Hall Show Notes

2:00: Oakley

6:00: Montana, family skiing, and ski racing

10:00: Being cocky, Mom being a superfan, and his brother

16:00: School

17:00: Evo: The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

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Outdoor Research: (Get 15% off ,details in ad)

19:30: Living with coaches, moving out, host families

23:00: Partying, getting kicked out of school, winning everything

30:00: Mammoth, sponsorship, and Armada

37:00: C Crew, Boznutz,,and skydiving

41:00: Contests, emotions, and arrested in Vail

46:00: Spy Optics: Get 20% off on their site using the code TPM20

The 10 Barrel Brewery: My favorite is 'Out of Office' Pilsner

47:30: Does being popular change him, big injury #1 and the comeback

52:30: CR’s injury, special wins, and Simon Dumont

56:00: Toys, big injury #2, and opiates

60:00: CR passes away, how does he deal with that, and who he hasn’t filmed with

64:00: Sober skiing, posting on the internet in capital letters, and the Freeride World Tour

68:00: Inappropriate Questions with Eric Iberg

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Photo Alex O'Brien