And Now to the interview

1- Any field that you specialize in or particularly like?

I love shooting action and landscapes, but for opposite reasons. Action because it is fast and you need to anticipate what is going on to get a good photo. Landscapes because they are stationary and you can take your time and compose your shot.

2- How long have you been shooting

I got my camera as a high school graduation present, so a little over a year and a half

3- What equipment do you have

Really basic, I need stay in budget:

Nikon d5000

18-55mm Kit Lens

50mm 1.8

4- Have you had any technical training, or are you self taught

All self taught, but a lot of help from friends and family

5- How long have you been photographing skiing?

Since I got my camera, so about a year and a half

6-Any Advice to other photographers?

Have fun. Take inspiration from other photographers, but don't copy them, develop your own style

7- What was your first camera?

First and only, Nikon d5000

8- Any advice to anyone looking to get into photography

You don't need a ton of gear to get going, just use what you have and go shoot. Have fun, ask for help/critique

9- Anything you'd like us to know?

My favorite cereal is Trader Joe's Honey Nut Oats

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