Interview by Brandon Ascher


Parker White is 19 years old, originally from Dorset, Vermont and has since relocated to Mammoth to kill it with the rest of the Montage crew. Currently representing Electric, Kooter Brown, Tomahawk, and Rossignol, Parker has been making moves over the last few years and is finally getting some well deserved recognition for it. With his unique style, a ton of tricks on lock and always a smile on his face, Parker is just fun to watch. I checked in with him to talk about what's on deck. - Brandon Ascher

Where are you right now?

At (Kevin) Malone's house in Hood. Been camping for the last month and had to come steal their neighbor's Internet for this.

Nice, at Windells?

Yeah. I just got a job coaching there this past session. That place is rad. I have been skateboarding just as much as skiing.

How do you like coaching?

It’s pretty cool. Sometimes I want to be working on my own stuff, but my group was super good, and it's cool being paid to just rip around all day. Plus I get to skate a really good park and there’s free meals.

How was your winter? 

This past winter was really awesome. I got to film in the spring with Level 1, which was super fun, and besides that I was just riding Mammoth all the time.

Photo: Jimbo Morgan

How did you get involved with Level 1?

My team manager and good friend Jimbo Morgan hit them up last year and got Darhkness and I in on the Mammoth shoot. Then this year they hit us up in the spring to come film at Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe. That went well so we ended up getting to go on the Sun Valley trip and then back to Mammoth for the park shoot there.

What was it like filming with Level 1?

It was real sick. We basically got to build whatever we wanted, and everyone on that crew kills it, so I had a great time for sure.

Photo: Nick Miles

For those who may not know, who is Darhkness?

(laughs) Darhkness is Chris Logan, my roommate and friend from back East.

You two have been friends for a while and are both starting to come up through the ranks together. How has that been?

It's been cool. He has such a different style and learns everything so fast, so it’s fun just trying to keep up with each other. We used to be archenemies when we were real young though.


Yeah it was always kind of me vs. him at East Coast competitions when we were around 12, so we hated each other. My mom would tell me, "You better beat Chris Logan or no dinner" (laughs). Then I ended up moving to Mount Snow with him and his family when I was 14.

Photo: Tanner Bowden

What films should we look out for you in this fall?

Level 1’s Eye Trip, which I am sure will be insane, and Montage Inc’s For the Hell of It.

So after the Sun Valley trip did you finish out the season in Mammoth?

Yeah after Alpine Meadows and Sun Valley I went back to Mammoth. Then went home to see some friends and family before coming out to Hood about a month ago.

Was it good to be home?

Yeah it was cool for a little while. I got kind of bored after a minute though (laughs). I can never really be in one place for too long.

Photo: Robbie Hilliard

You were at Sammy C Invitational as well right?

Yeah, and that was the best event I have ever been a part of. It was a really good crew with a mellow vibe. Everyone just sessioning a perfect jump.

So what's up with your triples then?

(laughs) Dude that was the craziest thing I have ever seen. The heli pilot was like, "I’m out unless Sammy wants to go one more time." Sam wasn't really feeling it but B-Paul and I were trying to hype him up at the top and then he just dropped in and stomped it perfect. He’s one cool ass dude.

Photo: Joe Tyson

Are you planning on competing at all next season?

Yeah I would like to try and do the Dew Tour, but I mostly want to focus on filming, along with the odd fun comp like Orage Masters and 382’s Battle My Crew.

How did the front flip double tip grab start?

(laughs) I have no idea. I had a pretty good run with them though so I think I might stop now. (laughs)

Photo: Jimbo Morgan

A lot of people complement your style. What is style to you?

Style is just doing everything clean, and also differently than the rest of the field. I love watching guys like Adam Delorme and Phil Casabon ski, because their style is unlike anyone else's.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer and heading into next season?

After I leave Hood I’m going to go to Bozeman to live with my brother for a little while. Then I’ll head back East to see my family and party at IF3 for a couple days, and then go back to Mammoth whenever they start getting snow.

Photo: Nick Miles

Any last words, shout-out’s, etc?

Shout-outs to my family, all my friends in Bozeman, Mammoth, Vermont and Tahoe, and all my sponsors.

See you at IF3.

No doubt, I can't wait.